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Fine Fare Supermarkets Expand In Harlem

By HarlemGuy
Published August 4, 2011/harlemcondolife.com

When I first moved to Harlem the closest thing to Fairway, Citarellas, Best Yet, Costcos etc was my favorite super market called Finefare on 116th and Malcom X Boulevard (aka Lenox Avenue or Sixth Avenue) right by the two train.  I still visit it from time to time.

So I was pleased the other day as I walked by 112th and Malcom X Boulevard to see that Finefare has taken over the supermarket that used to be there (I don’t recall what it was).

So if you live in the area Finefare deserves a chance.  They carry a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy frozen fare.  The prices are great and the employees are nice.

So make sure to stop by and pay them a visit today.

Original Article http://harlemcondolife.com/2011/08/04/finefare-supermarkets-expand-in-harlem/

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